Bacteriological and parasitological analysis of soil and ground

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Our accreditation area

The area of accreditation of the laboratory allows to conduct a comprehensive bacteriological and parasitological study of soil, ground, and sand. These types of research is performed by:

Bacteriological and parasitological analysis group

Staff: 12 physicians bacteriologists, 3 physicians parasitologist, 1 entomologist
Instrument base:
  • Laboratory scales VK-600

    4 pcs.
  • Laboratory scales VK-1500

    2 pcs.
  • pH-meters

    5 pcs.
  • Laboratory centrifuge OPN-8

    1 pc.
  • Water bath UT-4301E

    2 pcs.
  • Cooling thermostat TVL-K (120)

    2 pcs.
  • Electric dry-air thermostat TS-1/80 SPU

    6 pcs.
  • Electric dry-air thermostat TS-80

    3 pcs.

Price list

Bacteriological and parasitological studies of soil and ground
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in addition to soil and ground analysis we conduct other types of research:

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