Toxicological analysis of bottom deposits

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Our accreditation area

The area of the laboratory's accreditation allows for a comprehensive toxicological analysis of bottom deposits using the method of biotesting.
4 test objects are used for this purpose: daphnia magna, chlorella vulgaris, artemia, rotifers. These types of research is performed by:

Toxicology group

Staff: 3 chemistry engineers

Instrumental base:

  • Climatostate R-2

    2 pc.
  • Devices for exposing crustaceans UER-03

    3 pc.
  • Seaweed cultivators KV-05

    3 pc.
  • Multi-cuvette algae cultivators KVM-05

    3 pc.
  • Suspension density meter IPS-03

    1 pc.
  • Trinocular stereo microscope with ZOOM function EMZ-5TR

    1 pc.
  • Microscope MBS-10

    1 pc.

Price list

Cost of toxicological analysis of bottom deposits
Indicators rub.
Acute toxicity (2 test objects) 3 000
Chronic toxicity 18 000

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