Radiation control

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types of radiological measurements

Radiation control

The radiological measurement group regularly travels to all regions of the Russian Federation to objects of any complexity and distance from civilization.

In accordance with the quality management system of our laboratory, all employees who conduct radiological measurements meet the following accreditation criteria:

  • higher technical education;
  • experience of more than 3 years in the field of radiological examinations;
  • certificate of completion of training and advanced training in radiological measurements (more than 250 hours).

Radiological examination of buildings and territories is carried out in strict accordance with the methods established by the laboratory's accreditation area.

All used devices are in the state register of measuring instruments and have valid verification certificates.

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Modern fleet of equipment

Our laboratory is focused on the possibility to perform huge amounts of work in a short time and simultaneously in different regions.

Therefore, the radiological measurement group has 4 full sets of equipment for performing measurements.

The standard set includes:

  • Dosemeter-radiometer "DKS-96-05"(gamma survey of a territory)
  • Dosemeter of gamma radiation DKG-07D "DROZD"( measurement of GER)
  • Measuring complex "Alfarad Plus-ARP "(measurement of radon and toron VA, radon flow density (RFD))
  • Measuring complex for radon monitoring "KAMERA-01 "(measurement of RFD from the earth's surface)

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