Price list for physical factors

Measurement of physical factor(Rub.)
Parameters of the microclimate 350
Parameters of the light environment (illumination) 350
Noise level (at the workplace) 800
Noise level (at the border of SPZ, day) 1 500
Noise level (at the border of SPZ, night) 3 000
Vibration level (general/local) at the workplace 700
Vibration level (at the border of SPZ) 1 200
Infrasound 800
Infrasound (on the border of SPZ) 1 500
EMI level at the workplace with a PC 600
The level of EMI of industrial frequency (at the workplace) 600
EMI level (at the border of SPZ) 1 200
Electrostatic area strength 600
Aeroion composition of air 400
Determination of indicators of severity and intensity of labor process 800
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