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Execution of a Declaration on the properties and composition of wastewater

"Declaration on the properties and composition of wastewater" is developed on the basis of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 29.07.2013 (ed. from 03.11.2016) No. 644 "Rules for cold water supply and sanitation".

The deadline for submitting a Declaration for 2021 is November 1, 2020.

1. Who needs to develop a wastewater Declaration?
The Declaration is required for abonents of centralized water disposal systems (for St. Petersburg abonents of SUE "Vodokanal SPb") with a volume of wastewater more than 30 m3 per day.

2. What are the indexes that need to be analysed for the development of the Declaration?
The list of pollutants defined by the Russian Federation Government Decree No. 644 is 31 indexes for obsessives and sewage,
9 indexes for stormwater.

3. Based on what protocols "Declaration of the properties and composition of wastewater" is developed?
The Declaration is developed on the basis of analyses of the company's wastewater control over the past 2 years, and rationing is based on actual values in the range from the minimum to the maximum value for all pollutants.
For pollutants that are controlled by the SUE "Vodokanal SPb", the indexes of wastewater control of the SUE "Vodokanal SPb" are priority.

4. Which document established the standards of abonents water utility in Vodokanal?
Standards for pollutants in waste water for abonents of SUE "Vodokanal SPb" are established by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 29.07.2013 No. 644 and the Order Of the Energy Committee of SPb of 08.03.2012 No. 148.

5. Who approves the Declaration?
Approval of the Declaration is made by the SUE "Vodokanal SPB".

6. How long is the Declaration valid?
The validity of the Declaration is from 1 year to 3 years (determined by the abonent).

7. Is it possible to correct the Declaration?
Correction of the Declaration can be made at the request of the abonent if there are new analysis protocols.

8. Can Vodokanal cancel the Declaration?
SUE "Vodokanal SPb" can cancel the Declaration if the waste water control was recorded 2 times excess of the declared indexes during a year.

9. What are the consequences of the absence of Declaration?
If the abonent doesn't have an approved Declaration, the penalty for exceeding the standards for wastewater discharge is calculated with a coefficient of 2.

10. Can the company independently sample the wastewater and bring it to the laboratory for analysis?
At the moment, SUE Vodokanal SPb accepts protocols with sampling by the company itself.

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